Why You Should Hire a Massachusetts Home Inspector BEFORE Listing

Once you have an executed a sales contract with a buyer, the first thing the buyer is going to do is hire a home inspector to inspect your house. But why not beat them to it? A Massachusetts home inspector will usually charge a few hundred dollars for their services. That’s pennies in the grand scheme of things. 

Inspections are the #1 deal killer in this industry. Tackle all of the repairs you'll need to make upfront and before you even put your home on the market and you will not be surprised by the buyers who supply you with a list of problems that need to be fixed in order to push the deal forward.

Sure, dealing with the issue of hiring a home inspector may cost you some money out of pocket, but it's money that you will probably be spending anyway. Buyers will second guess a house if the inspection report is loaded with issues, but in my experience, when buyers learn that there has already been an inspection and of the necessary repairs have been made, they are more willing to pay top dollar for the listing.

I just had a deal where the homeowner had not been to the property in a couple of years and had been renting it out. He put it on the market and my buyers wanted it. We did a septic, radon, well, and full home inspection. All 4 of the inspections failed miserably. The seller was livid when he received our list of repairs, but it was his fault. He was hoping for the best possible scenario and set himself up for disaster. If he would have just inspected these items before listing, it would have never been a problem. He was lucky my buyer still wanted the property at all, after all the issues we had to address. Performing an inspection before listing is well worth the expense. 

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